PET Students Cross Greenland

PET students Wendy Searle and Pete Masters took on a 27-day crossing of the Greenland ice sheet in May, after completing the Polar Expedition Training course in February 2018. Despite fierce Piteraq storms, poor conditions and soft snow, Wendy and Pete skied 570km across the only permanent ice sheet outside Antarctica. They said their PET training ensured they finished the crossing in fine health and good spirits!

To add to our PET Pride Fest, Wendy and Pete were guided by Lou Rudd who was the first recipient of our annual Professional Guide Development Placement. Lou trained for two weeks beside PET instructors Hannah McKeand and Denise Martin to hone his polar guiding skills.

This year’s Professional Guide Development Placements are now open for applications. This is an opportunity for professional guides from other genres of adventure travel or experienced private team leaders who are interested in pursuing a career in polar guiding to shadow our instructors and learn from the best.

Pete and Wendy.jpeg