Bespoke Polar Training Services

Even for people with considerable experience of winter camping and winter ski trips, there are elements of undertaking a long polar expedition that will be unlike anything you have ever experienced outside of the polar world. It might be that you just want to focus on certain specific topics such as nutrition, training, efficiency of travel, camping in challenging conditions, personal temperature control, expedition communications or something else, in which case we are here to help.

Hannah McKeand is one of the most experienced polar guides in the world and collaborates on up-to-date information and content with key logistics providers and industry professionals.

Whatever your training needs, we will help you with a package that is right for you.


Established training locations in Finse, Norway and Jackson, Wyoming, USA or we can travel to a location of your choice.



$600 USD for day 1 (1 person)

$500 USD per subsequent day (1 person)

$400 USD per day per extra person

Plus travel, accommodation, food and equipment shipping.

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