Medical Form

We ask for the following information so that our staff will know in advance of special medical conditions you may have in the event of injury or illness.

We may also require this information for the purchase of travel insurance and a failure to declare any conditions could result in a claim not being covered.

The information on this form will be kept confidential and is only for use by our staff.

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Today's Date
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Date of Birth
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Have you had any significant medical, surgical or mental health conditions in the past? *
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Are you taking any drugs or other medication, including anti-coagulants, or receiving chemotherapy? *
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Do you have, or have you ever had any of the following specific conditions?
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Do you have any physical limitations or disabilities Do you use any artificial aids, e.g. wheelchair, stick, prosthetic? *
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If you have any medical issues that may affect your fitness to participate you are advised to seek advice from your own physician. Please give the details of your primary medical care provider:
Physician Name
Physician Name
Please check the box below. Checking the box confirms: *
1.That you have read your course guidelines and are fit to undertake your chosen activity; 2. That you have provided accurate and complete information on your medical condition; 3. Your consent for Polar Expedition Training LLC to seek further medical information from your personal Physician after first notifying you of that intention; 4. That you will inform Polar Expedition Training LLC of any change in your medical details prior to the start of your course; 5. The right of Polar Expedition Training LLC to adapt or curtail your program due to medical or physical circumstances.
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