Associate Instructors


Denise Martin -

Polar Skills

We are so lucky to have Denise Martin on the Polar Expedition Training Team, there are very few guides in the world with her level of experience.

Denise has guided multiple last degrees and full expeditions to both the North and South Poles and was the first Canadian woman to do both. She worked 8 seasons guiding on Antarctica; she has been the Program Director for Outward Bound Canada; and she operated a Yukon based company for many years guiding (skiing and dog-sledding) all over the Canadian Arctic, including a 3-week crossing of Ellesmere Island and Lonely Planet film support on Baffin Island. Most recently in 2018 she has completed a 28 day crossing of Greenland. We think she is a bona fide bad ass!


Chelsea Bomba -Avalanche Safety

We are excited to be collaborating with the amazingly talented Chelsea Bomba on our Avalanche Safety courses.

Raised just south of the Arctic Circle in Alaska, Chelsea grew up exploring the mountains at every opportunity, most often on skis. Her passion for the outdoors took her to Juneau, Alaska, where she attended university and studied Outdoor Skills and Leadership.  Chelsea now lives in Talkeetna, Alaska at the base of the Alaska Range where she works at the Alaska Mountaineering School as a mountaineering instructor and guide on Denali.  In the winter months she splits her time between traveling to Antarctica where she works as a field guide for Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions, and Alaska where she feeds her passion for snow science and avalanche education by working for the Alaska Avalanche School.  


Tania Noakes - Cross-Country Skiing

Tania Noakes is an International Mountain Guide (IFMGA) and BASI Nordic Ski Teacher. She is a former member of the GB cross country ski-team having raced for a number of years at National level with considerable success. In recent years she has followed her passion for long distance ski-touring journeys but does continue to race recreationally in European ski marathons. She is normally based in Chamonix, France and divides her time between guiding, coaching cross-country skiing and her own adventures.

In 2015 she lead a British Army ski-expedition which completed a continuous journey across the European Alps from close to Vienna in Austria to the Mediterranean coast of France. A challenging journey of over 1000km, over 80,000m of ascent and descent and completed in 83 days.

Last winter she embarked on what she calls "one of her dream journeys" to complete the classic Norge pa Langs in winter. A journey from Lindesnes lighthouse at the southern tip of Norway to the most northerly point, Nordkapp on the Arctic coast. She skied this journey of 2533km solo and without mechanical support and completed it in 82 days.


Nick Grainge - Fitness and Training

Nick joined the military in 1992 and went on to join the SAS. He trained throughout his service becoming an expert in jungle, arctic and desert survival, advanced Special Forces medical trauma care, communications, combat survival and personal training.

Over the years he has competed in triathlons and elite ultra-marathons across a variety of terrains and in extreme temperatures across the world, both with and without weight. Drawing on his military and special forces experience he began to develop a weighted fitness based methodology for maximising competitive endurance ability.

We are very excited to be collaborating with Nick on our Polar Expedition fitness modules and using him and his company Elite Outdoor Fitness as a training resource for our students.