Finse, Norway


Sunday, January 27th to Saturday, February 9th 2019


$4,500 USD per person

Engrossing; full of fascination. Over the fortnight, I felt that I was encountering a world that is new to me, and that I was learning how to travel and camp in a harsh environment in a fun and safe way.
— Ali Negyal - 2017 Student


  • Accommodation
  • Mini expedition food
  • All equipment

Not Included

  • Travel to Finse and from Oslo or Bergen.
  • Ski and boot hire
  • Compulsory clothing - You must have all the items listed on our clothing list unless listed as optional.
  • Compulsory meals at Hotel Finse 1222. There is a 10% discount for our students during the first week of the course.
  • Optional Finse Expedition Festival tickets, accommodation and meals. There is a 20% discount for our students on festival tickets. Accommodation at the hotel is full price again that weekend.


The course begins with an 8pm evening orientation after dinner, you need to arrive in Finse during the day on Sunday 27th February.


There are no grocery stores in Finse, and the course schedule does not allow much time for cooking, so all meals will be consumed at Hotel Finse at the students expense. Each student will have an account opened for them at the hotel on which to put food and beverages.

Breakfast consists of a large buffet spread with hot and cold options.

Lunch can either be ordered from the menu, soup, burgers pizzas etc or, anyone eating breakfast is invited to make up a packed lunch from the breakfast buffet, which saves on costs.

Dinner at 9pm is always a beautiful 3-course meal.

Drinks, candy and chocolate and cakes and buns etc are also available from the hotel reception and bar throughout the day and evening.

Visit https://finse1222.no/en/ for more details of the hotel.

Finse Expedition Festival 2019


Finse Expedition Festival is an incomparable gathering of world class explorers, guides and adventurers. Staged over 3 days there are lectures, workshops, a festival dinner on the Saturday evening, the presentation of the prestigious Shackleton Award and a weekend worth of networking and rubbing shoulders with some of the greatest inspirations on earth. This is an amazing opportunity that should not be missed.

We will arrive in Finse on the evening of Friday 8th March and make a camp on the lake at the festival. On the morning of Saturday 9th March we will debrief and demob our gear and you have the option to depart Finse on Saturday afternoon or to purchase a festival ticket and stay for the weekend. 

Our students receive a 20% discount for booking a Festival ticket to attend talks, workshops and lectures

Visit http://finse1222.no/en/ for details of Finse Expedition tickets. 

2019 Open Polar Training Course

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